Information You Should Know On Viking Jewelry


Viking jewelry was made very beautifully using materials that ranged from gold to the simple bones of animals. The jewelry was worn by both the women and the men. Some of the jewelry that they wore included the brooches, rings, necklaces and the bracelets so that they could show their status. Those who did not have a lot of money would make their jewelry from the bones of those animals they ate for dinner. On the other hand, those people of high status or the rich would make their jewelry from the precious silver and gold. For more useful reference, have a peek here

Men would wear a single brooch on their right shoulder; the women, on the other hand, would wear a brooch on each shoulder so they use them in the fastening of their shawls. They would get their fashion in jewelry from those countries that they visited. They would then change them to fit their own style. Most of the ornaments from the Vikings would include the images of animals and especially the one of the twisting snake. Please view this site for further details.

The Vikings were mainly the farmers and the warrior. However, they still enjoyed their jewelry. Both men and women will wear an array of jewelry items. They all enjoyed the shiny metal object as they seemed to bring in some glamour in their lives. One interesting part of the Viking jewelry is that they mostly used for dual purposes. The decorative items included the silver arm bracelets and bands. These items could also be used as currency. If any of them needed to make a purchase from the market, then they would simply take off a silver bracelet and use it to buy what they want. This made some of their jewelry basically just some purse or wallet. In the time of the Vikings, the way to keep your wealth safe was by carrying it with you.

In those times, there were also no banks. For this reason, most of the people would bury their valuables in a secret spot so that they kept them safe. A collection of these buried treasures was known as hoards. In the case where someone would forget where they buried the treasure; or if they happened to die in battle, then these treasures would lay on the ground even for centuries. The love they had for jewelry meant that the Vikings came up with various forms of jewelry that they would put on.


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